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5 Business Growth Ideas

Article by Macquarie Business Banking Statewide’s long-term banking partner Macquarie, takes a look at 5 areas to consider before you disrupt your industry Disrupting your industry means challenging the status quo while offering something much more than change. Disruption can come from anywhere and in this technology-filled world where everyone can access the latest information, […]

Professional Indemnity Analysed Part 2

Part 1 What won’t professional indemnity insurance cover? Each policy will have its own set of exclusions whereby the insurer will not be liable to pay compensation to the insured in the event that a claim is made. Some typical exclusions listed on professional indemnity policies include: Claims arising following cancellation of policy: It is […]

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Professional Indemnity Analysed

Professional indemnity insurance provides you, your business and your employees, with protection for financial claims made against you or your business. This type of cover is designed for employees or businesses that give advice and/or provide a service to individuals or businesses, and are looking for a form of protection against legal claims not covered […]

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Top 10 Insurtech Trends of 2017

Trend 1.  Massive cost savers in claims, operations and customer acquisition Already a major trend of course, but one that will gain even more importance in 2017.  Quite a few insurers face combined ratios that are close to 100, or even exceed that number. Digitalising current processes is absolutely necessary, for operational excellence and to […]

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Are Your Employees on Social Media?

  Social media is big business these days. Over half of Australia’s population is on Facebook, more than 4 million are on Tumblr, and Instagram boasts similarly large numbers. But besides LinkedIn, most social networks serve more purposes than just the professional realm. This substantial growth of social media adoption brings with it unique risks […]

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Don’t Make These Business Insurance Mistakes

So you have started your business and covered all your bases by getting insurance.   Business is booming…or just ticking along in this current climate…and your yearly insurance renewal is about to fall due. Here’s 5 mistakes you may be making with regard to your business insurance program. 1. Not regularly reviewing your insurance policies […]