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Calibre Insurance – New Insurance Provider

A new entrant to the Australian Insurance marketplace has emerged recently, named Calibre Insurance.  Well not totally new, a remorphing of Calliden Insurance – a company that has been providing specialist business lines and portfolio insurance to Australian brokers for 10+ years now.

Learn a little about Calibre Insurance and Great Lakes…

Calibre Commercial Insurance Pty Ltd (‘Calibre Insurance’) is a subsidiary of Münchener Rückversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (Munich Re), part of Munich Re (Group). Munich Re (Group) is one of the largest insurance groups in the world.

While we have the security and credibility of a large global insurance group behind us, at Calibre Insurance we believe in a down to earth and straightforward approach to doing business. Our language is plain and simple. Our people are fair and helpful. We help brokers help their clients cope during times of loss.

As a specialised commercial insurance provider we have an established commercial insurance portfolio exclusively available through a growing network of good insurance brokers.

Learn more about the Calibre Insurance portfolio.

Calibre Commercial Insurance is underwritten by Great Lakes Australia, so your Insurance schedule may show as ‘Great Lakes’ – to all intents and purposes its the same entity.

About Great Lakes Australia

Great Lakes Australia is a branch office of Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE (ARBN 127 740 532, ABN 18 964 580 576, AFSL 318603), and trading as Great Lakes Australia, a limited liability company incorporated in England and Wales and a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich Re and part of Munich Re (Group).

Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE (ARBN 127 740 532, ABN 18 964 580 576, AFSL 318603) is an insurer authorised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (‘APRA’) to carry on insurance business in Australia.

Great Lakes Reinsurance UK (SE) has strong financial security characteristics (S&P AA-)*.

About Munich Re

Calibre Insurance is a subsidiary of Munich Re, part of Munich Re (Group). Munich Re (Group) is one of the largest insurance groups in the world.

Munich Re stands for exceptional solution-based expertise, consistent risk management, financial stability and client proximity. Munich Re’s business model is based on the combination of primary insurance and reinsurance under one roof.

Munich Re take on risks worldwide of every type and complexity, and their experience, financial strength, efficiency and first-class service make them the first choice for all matters relating to risk. Their client relationships are built on trust and cooperation and they operate in all lines of insurance, with almost 43,000 employees throughout the world.

Calibre currently focuses on 4 lines of General Insurance Business, placed through brokers Australia wide.

  • Business Package
  • Industrial Special Risks (ISR)
  • General Liability
  • Specialty Liability.

Calibre also provides exclusive schemes and facilities for groups, associations, and specific occupations.  Visit Statewide’s SalonCover scheme for Hair & Beauty Insurance, arranged through Calibre Insurance – or Contact us for any insurance needs.