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Life Stages and Life Insurance

income protection

No matter what stage you are at in life, be it starting out, getting ahead, starting a family, building wealth or nearing retirement, tailored individual advice will provide you with the right strategies to achieve what you want to achieve faster.

So when to consider Life Insurance or Income Protection Insurance ?

Starting Out

You’re starting your working career, you might have some short term debt and probably have an active social life and insurance is probably the last thing on your mind! But what if you couldn’t work for an extended period, how would that affect you and your family?

Did you know men and women aged 15-24 years old have the highest age-specific rates of life threatening injuries – sport and motoring accidents being the key causes. At this age insurance is comparatively cheap and once in place is there for life regardless of whatever life may have in store for you.

Professionals and Getting Ahead

You may have a mortgage or more substantial debt, your income has increased as you focus on your career, your expenditure has also probably increased as you grow accustomed to your new lifestyle and you’re planning for your future.

If you were unable to generate an income, what impact would that have on you, your family and your friends? Insurance can provide you with a regular income for the rest of your life as well as a lump sum payment to reduce or eliminate your debt. In this age group most claims are related to road vehicle accidents, depression, anxiety, cancer for females and heart disease for males.

Young Families

You have extra mouths to feed, new expenses like school fees, probably less disposable income, less free time and increasing levels of debt. Could your family afford to maintain their lifestyle and meet repayments if something were to happen to the income earner(s)? In this age group most claims are related to road vehicle accidents, depression, anxiety, cancer for females and heart disease for males.

If you have Children

As any parent would know, the thought of your child falling ill is almost too much to bear. But if it was to occur, wouldn’t you want to know that you could spend as much time with your child as you could as they recover without needing to worry about work or paying the bills? These sorts of policies are extremely cheap, as little as $50 per year for a $50,000 lump sum payment which would give you the time and financial security to really focus on what’s important. These policies can also be commuted to adult policies at age 18 with no medicals or underwriting.

Mature Families

You might be considering upgrading your home, paying for your children’s education, saving for holidays and building your wealth. Over 1 million people in Australia are hospitalised each year in this age group, and incidents of cancer, heart disease and injury make for sombre reading as they dominate the health statistics. How would your family cope if you weren’t around or were unable to work?


You are focused on lifestyle and hobbies, your career may be winding down and you are probably helping to support children and grandchildren financially. This is the time of your life when you are most at risk of serious illness, over half of this age group will suffer a critical illness before age 70, insurance is your most valuable asset to protect your lifestyle. How would injury or illness affect your retirement plans?

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