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Obtain a Corporate Travel Insurance Quote

What is Corporate Travel Insurance ?

Corporate Travel Insurance is a yearly policy taken out in the Business name, which covers all owners/directors/employees, for Business related travel, as well as incidental leisure travel.

Coverage includes unlimited overseas medical coverage, and the normal travel cancellation expenses that often arise.

The limits are substantially higher than the typical cheap leisure travel policy that one might obtain when going on holiday.

Some Definitions

Travel means travel undertaken on the business of the insured which is authorised by the insured and shall include associated leisure travel provided always such travel involves a destination outside a radius of 200 kilometres from the place of departure for the commencement of the travel – excluding everyday travel to and from the insured person’s place of business.

Travel also means personal or non-associated leisure travel for directors of the insured, and their accompanying spouse and dependant children provided always such travel involves an interstate destination or a destination outside Australia.

Who does it Cover ?

All Employees, Directors, Officers and Consultants of the Insured, including Accompanying Spouse & Dependant Children

What Does it Cost ?

Obtaining a Corporate Travel Insurance quote is very quick and easy, and Cost will vary, depending on number of trips and number of staff. Pricing is generally rated on ‘away days’ per year, domestic and international.  A typical SME enterprise with a handful of trips interstate and overseas per year can be as low as $500 per year.  Larger enterprises involved in constant travel might cost $2000 per year.

Overseas Medical Assistance

When you purchase Corporate Travel Insurance, you are immediately covered by Travel Guard who have over 1000 staff ready to solve any problems or issues you encounter on your travels. Services offered include;

  • Emergency Medical & Travel Aid
  • Medical Advice from doctors & nurses 24/7 in 26 different languages.
  • Real time translation services for other languages & dialects.

Travel Guard’s global reach, unparalleled service quality and proven operational capabilities allow clients to receive best-in-class care.

In the event of an emergency overseas, You can phone the assistance help line + 60 3 2772 5641 (reverse charge where available) – for advice or if appropriate direct assistance.


Obtaining a Corporate Travel Insurance Quote

  • Client Name, ABN & Address, Business Type
  • Estimate of Overseas trips x average duration
  • Estimate of Domestic trips x average duration
  • Estimate of trips exceeding 90 days in duration
  • Non Scheduled/Charter Flights to be undertaken (if applicable)
  • Claims History for past 3 years
  • Additional information may be required


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