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Perth Insurance Brokers – Video

Statewide is Perth Insurance Brokers


A recurring question we receive here at Statewide is whether we are Perth Insurance Brokers.  Yes we are.

Perth Insurance Brokers is a registered company owned by Statewide, but as we prefer our traditional name and all encompassing WA name, we continue to trade under the name Statewide Insurance Brokers.

We have been operating under the name Statewide Insurance Brokers since 1976, but in answer to the common question…..Yes, we are Perth Insurance Brokers, and yes we are West Australian Insurance Brokers.  We also service clients on a National level, and right down to the local community.

So What Can an Insurance Broker Help With ?
  • assess and manage your risks, provide advice on insurance solutions;
  • arrange, acquire and maintain insurance;
  • act as your advocate in settlement of any claims.
What Services Does an Insurance Brokers Provide ?
  • select and arrange tailored insurance policies and packages;
  • technical expertise including knowledge of insurance markets, prices, terms and conditions, benefits and pitfalls of the never-ending range of insurance policies;
  • interpret, arrange and complete insurance documentation;
  • predict, manage and reducing risks;
  • claims and settlements advice; and
  • premium funding and risk management reviews.


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