Tax Audit Insurance Coverage

What is Tax Audit Insurance ?

Tax Audit Insurance is designed to cover your business for professional fees associated with tax audits, and official investigations of your tax affairs.

It is available as stand-alone cover, or can be purchased as a section in many of our Steadfast Worded Business Insurance packages for small to medium businesses or individuals.

Who and What does it Cover ?

Tax Audit can cover you, your business, your business and directors, or your self-managed superannuation fund, for what could be significant professional fees incurred as a result of an external audit.

It offers cover for professional fees associated with audits and other official investigations, such as:

  • Australian Tax Office Income Tax Audit
  • Fringe Benefits Tax Audit and Capital Gains Tax Audits
  • WorkCover Authority Audit of WorkCover returns
  • Payroll Tax Audits.

Options Available

  • Business audit only (with investigation cover); or
  • Business AND directors audit (with investigation cover); or
  • Individual cover; or
  • Superannuation cover (for self-funded superannuation funds).

Features Include

  • Standard cover for tax audits or other official investigations into your liability to pay designated tax carried out by any Commonwealth, State or Territory department, body or agency.
  • Optional cover for the audit of business directors’ own tax returns
  • Travel and accommodation expenses incurred in the process of the audit or investigation of tax affairs
  • Stand alone cover includes the option to cover the audit of self-managed superannuation funds under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act.

What Does it Cost ?

As little as $300 per year, for full business coverage, potentially saving $10,000’s in audit preparation and defence expenses.


Obtaining a Quote

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  • Business Type / Occupation
  • Turnover
  • Number of Staff
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